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Prepared in 16oz & 24oz Portions

The easiest breakfast for when you’re running late. You’ll run out the door with 3 egg cups, snuggly wrapped in turkey bacon strips. The egg mix is scrambled with fresh onions and green and red bell peppers, all precooked to a velvety texture and packed with deliciousness.       ...
A breakfast for actual champions. These frittata squares are made from a mixture of egg whites, spinach, and sun dried tomatoes. You’ll find a ground turkey surprise waiting inside. With 2 frittatas, you’ll also get 1 link of chicken apple sausage and roasted potatoes. You’ll be full all the way...
We’re pretty sure we created the best, on-the-go breakfast of all time. It’s 3 egg cups wrapped with a sweet potato crust and topped off with perfectly-cooked ground turkey. Our mix is an egg scramble of fresh onions and green and red bell peppers. Breakfast will never be the same....
Your traditional breakfast with a twist. 3 scrambled eggs, 2 slices of crispy turkey bacon, and some Lyonnaise potatoes. These French-style potatoes are pan seared and tossed with the freshest bell pepper and onion medley for ultimate flavor. Nutrition Facts: Calories: 322 | Protein: 18.8g | Carbs: 36.7g | Fat: 11.8g |...
It’s like Chipotle but so much more gourmet! Your protein is completely customizable. We build it up with black beans, cilantro, corn, fajita pepper mix (grilled red and green bell peppers and white onion), cilantro-lime jasmine rice, salsa roja, and your choice of chicken, steak, ground turkey, or BEYOND crumbles....
Like our ground beef, we grind our chicken in-house! We take this all-natural ground chicken, some water chestnuts, and cremini mushrooms, and saute them all together in our homemade stir fry sauce. We then add in our Asian glaze for some extra goodness. It comes with plenty of bibb lettuce...
Eat your salad and be happy. Our incredible free range chicken breast is grilled off and placed on top of a bed of fresh romaine lettuce. You’ll find our homemade caesar dressing and parmesan cheese on the side. Our caesar dressing is always made in our kitchen and is totally...
Close your eyes, take a bite, and pretend you're at your favorite beach town’s cantina. Made to get you full, you’ll get 2 blackened shrimp tacos accompanied with our homemade pickled slaw and a homemade Avocado Crema all snuggled into fresh corn tortillas. Our shrimp is always the best grade -...
Your childhood comfort food but better. We use our angus certified ground beef (made in house) and mix it with sauteed onions, bell peppers, tomato sauce, some ketchup, eggs, and all the right seasonings to create the perfect loaf. Can’t forget the classic squirt of ketchup on top! We then...
Our ground beef is always made in house! It’s as fresh as you can get. We use only lean, certified angus beef, and our chefs take extra trimmings to add more flavor to the beef. You’ll get a grilled, juicy patty topped with a slice of mild cheddar cheese, and...
Want some chimichurri in a hurry? You got it. Our Texas-raised beef tenderloin is simply seasoned and perfectly grilled. We then partner the tender cut with our roasted red potatoes and blistered cherry tomatoes - all covered in our made-from-scratch chimichurri sauce. Nutrition Facts: Calories: 461 | Protein: 37g | Carbs: 32g | Fat: 21g...
This might just be your new favorite meal. We use only the freshest, wild caught Norwegian salmon. Once we have it pan seared to greatness we brush on our house made, Asian-influenced citrus glaze. We then place it in our oven to slowly finish and let the glaze bubble and...
Steak house or your kitchen? Hard to tell. Our petite tenderloin is marinated in our top-secret marinade and is cooked to chef-level standards. It comes with chunky red skin mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. The asparagus is soaked in balsamic vinegar and just a hint of olive oil before hitting...
Vegetarians and vegans deserve hamburgers too. Our chefs have created a delicious patty made up of chickpeas, black beans, edamame and quinoa, that is grilled and seared off with our homemade sesame seed glaze. We serve it up with bibb lettuce to replace a traditional bun, and some sweet potato...
Meal Includes: 4oz Grilled Chicken |  6oz Red Potatoes | 3oz Broccoli Nutrition Facts: Calories: 375.5 | Protein: 41.95g | Carbs: 42g | Fat: 4.3g | Fiber: 5.7
Meal Includes: 4oz Shrimp |  4oz Jasmine Rice | 3oz Broccoli Nutrition Facts: Calories: 262 | Protein: 28.35g | Carbs: 30g | Fat: 1.5g | Fiber: 3.9
Meal Includes: 6oz Grilled Chicken | 6oz Sweet Potatoes | 3oz Zucchini Nutrition Facts: Calories: 467.25 | Protein: 56.85g | Carbs: 39.3g | Fat: 6g | Fiber: 4.2
Meal Includes: 4oz Grilled Chicken | 4oz Sweet Potatoes | 3oz Brussel Sprouts Nutrition Facts: Calories: 332 | Protein: 39.45g | Carbs: 30g | Fat: 4.3g | Fiber: 4.1
Meal Includes: 4oz Steak |  4oz Sweet Potatoes | 3oz Zucchini Nutrition Facts: Calories: 324.25 | Protein: 34.25g | Carbs: 27.3g | Fat: 7.2g | Fiber: 3.2
Meal Includes: 6oz Grilled Chicken | 4oz Red Potatoes | 3oz Asparagus Nutrition Facts: Calories: 405.75.25 | Protein: 58.05g | Carbs: 27.75g | Fat: 6.3g | Fiber: 3.8
Meal Includes: 4oz Steak | 4oz Red Potatoes | 3oz Green Beans Nutrition Facts: Calories: 333.25 | Protein: 35.7g | Carbs: 31.5g | Fat: 7.2g | Fiber: 5
Meal Includes: 6oz Steak |  3oz Brussel Sprouts Nutrition Facts: Calories: 324 | Protein: 49.05g | Carbs: 6g | Fat: 11.1g | Fiber: 2.1
Meal Includes: 6oz Ground Turkey| 6oz Jasmine Rice | 3oz Green Beans Nutrition Facts: Calories: 470.25 | Protein: 37.05g | Carbs: 43.5g | Fat: 14.4g | Fiber: 4.8
Meal Includes: 6oz Ground Beef | 4oz Brown Rice | 3oz Broccoli Nutrition Facts: Calories: 444 | Protein: 37.75g | Carbs: 30g | Fat: 17.9g | Fiber: 4.7