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We are Online Market of organic fruits, vegetables, juices and dried fruits. Visit our site of a complete list of exclusive we are stocking.

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Let us Break it Down for You

No more Shopping, Preparing, Cooking, and Cleaning up.
No more prepared meals that are unhealthy and taste like frozen dinners.

We provide you with the Basics to the Foundation of a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle, now you have the ability to create your own meals, with no restrictions or stress!


See ya later grocery shopping! There’s a new cart ONLINE and you can fill it up with our delicious bulk portions, prepped meals, customized meals, and snacks all with a few clicks. With the ability to order up to two weeks in advanced, there’s no need to wait until the last minute to order and run the risk of missing the order deadline.


Four times a week, our gourmet chefs are bringing the heat in the kitchen. Fresh and NEVER frozen, our bulk portions, prepped meals, and customized meals are cooked to perfection, portioned correctly, and delivered fresh for you to Enjoy! No more need to spend hours cooking, we’re giving you time back in your day (you’re welcome).

With all of the special diets and restrictions that so many clients must follow, we make sure that we offer you exactly what you need! DPK Prepped Meals include vegan, keto, high protein, high carbs and balanced categories, all with plenty of options to switch up your meals and keep enjoying healthy food.


We have built a network of over 30 partner pickup locations all of the DFW area, to make it very easy to stop in on your lunch break or as you drive home, to grab your order from a DPK Fridge. Are you traveling or reside outside of Dallas-Fort Worth? We have you covered, we can overnight ship your order right to your door or even hotel room.

If you are wanting to pick up your order, deadlines are by midnight on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, and delivery on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday respectively. However, any Shipping orders placed Thursday-Saturday will arrive on Tuesday.

Order Deadline        Pick Up/Receive Delivery ⏰⠀

Monday Midnight                  Wednesday 📦
Wednesday Midnight            Friday 📦
Friday Midnight                    Sunday 📦
Saturday Midnight               Monday 📦
**Shipping Orders placed Thursday-Saturday will arrive on Tuesday! 📦


Customize by portioning out your own meals to achieve your diet goals.


Pick and Choose from our list of high quality proteins, carbs, and vegetables. All available in A La Carte style and in 24oz portions. Place your Orders by Midnight on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday our Gourmet chefs will prepare and cook your food.


We are open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to prepare meals, deliveries and for pickup.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Order ‪Sun-Mon‬: Pickup/Receive on Wed 📦
Order ‪Tues-Wed‬: Pickup/Receive on Fri 📦
Order ‪Thurs-Fri‬: Pickup on Sun 📦
Order Sat: Pickup on Mon 📦
FedEx Orders placed ‪Thurs-Sat‬, will Arrive on Tues


Customize by portioning out your own meals to achieve your diet goals.