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Prepared in 16oz & 24oz Portions

Our chicken is not “just chicken.” This all natural, free ranged, antibiotic free bird is a non-GMO protein source that will put any other chicken to shame. Seasoned with fresh herbs, garlic, and pepper, we grill our meats to perfection to provide a flavor that takes this lean white meat...
The Beef Tender is one of the most tender cuts, while staying juicy and robust. We use Certified Angus Beef, which is also Texas raised. We keep the flavor profile simple; seasoned with fresh herbs, salt and pepper. Nutrition Facts: Calories: 295 | Protein: 47g | Carbs: 0g | Fat: 10.8g Based on...
Lemon, pepper, parsley, and garlic go hand in hand when it comes to preparing our Wild Caught Shrimp. Pan seared to perfection, you can expect our shrimp to be full of ocean freshness and a powerful flavor to compliment any veggie or carbohydrate side. Nutrition Facts: Calories: 168 | Protein: 35.6g...
Tilapia is a very mild, slightly sweet, white fish with an incredibly low fat and high protein nutrition profile that makes its a diet staple to many. Held to the best sustainability standards, this Indonesian Farm Raised fish is delicate in nature and prepared with care by our chefs. Nutrition...
This nutritional powerhouse is a great way to add variety to your daily diet without tacking on extra fat and unwanted calories. Our lean turkey is 90/10, free range, all natural— keeping you satisfied and full even stepping away from more traditional sources of protein like chicken and beef. We...
Wild Caught Norwegian - From the cold, clear waters of Norway, Norwegian Salmon delivers a clean taste and texture. The moist and flakey fish makes a great feature protein to any of our carb and veggie sources! Our center cut filets come seasoned with fresh lemon, smoked paprika, thyme and pepper....
Our all natural, 90/10 ground beef is Texas raised with big flavor and major health benefits. Loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, including zinc, and alpha lipoic acid, ground beef also is high in B vitamins and iron, both of which can be extremely beneficial to your energy levels. We let...
Wild Caught- This virtually fat free fish boasts a mild flavor all while packing in the protein, B vitamins and several other nutrients that will help keep your stomach full and heart healthy. We serve this up seasoned with fresh lemon, smoked paprika, thyme and pepper. Nutrition Facts: Calories: 140 |...
One of the newest items on our menu, this type of fish boasts one of the most delicious tastes of them all. If you are a fan of chunky, steak-like, hearty, and wholesome fish- then this protein booster is going to be your go-to choice of food! Our wild caught,...
Bison meat — nicknamed “the other red meat” — is a top protein source and supplies a variety of other essential nutrients including (but not limited to) B vitamins, zinc, and iron. This protein source soars off the charts when it comes to sustainability, heart health, and even taste! Our...
Nutrition Facts: Calories: 308 | Protein: 21.2g | Carbs: 10g | Fat: 20g Based on 4oz. Serving
Our Steak Fajita is made from Texas Grown, Certified Angus Beef! Nutrition Facts: Calories: 264 | Protein: 28g | Carbs: 1g | Fat: 15g Based on 4oz. Serving  
Our Salmon Fajita is made from Wild Caught Norwegian Salmon, mix with Green Peppers and Onions, and Marinated in a house recipe that is Amazing... Nutrition Facts: Calories: 208 | Protein: 30g | Carbs: 1g | Fat: 8g Based on 4oz. Serving  
Perfect for using when portioning out your Meals Microwavable and Reusable 24oz
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The Famous Vegan Beyond Patty... Nutrition Facts: Calories: 270 | Protein: 20g | Carbs: 5g | Fat: 20g Based on 4oz. Serving  
Nutrition Facts: Calories: 174 | Protein: 10g | Carbs: 26g | Fat: 3.9g Based on 4oz. Serving