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LEVEL UP Your Catering With DPK!

Did you know that we offer catering? Whether its a lunch at the office or celebrating a birthday with your family and friends, we are here to deliver the best quality foods to your event!

You know the feeling, you’ve been owning your diet and crushing your gym sessions all week, feeling good, feeling energized. Then your Thursday lunch meeting at work comes around, and you’re all about the free meal, but then you walk into the conference room and see the fate that is your lunch. Sandwiches with close to no toppings and stale bread, a half filled bag of chips, and a crumbling chocolate chip cookie.

No freaking way.

You contemplate skipping lunch and waiting until you can Door Dash something else, a healthier option, probably racking up $25 for the order and delivery, or forcing yourself to eat this subpar lunch that you know will leave you feeling tired and groggy for the rest of your day.

It’s time to change this narrative.

Imagine walking into your Thursday lunch meeting overwhelmed with various fresh cooked meats, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and vegetables that give you life. It is these types of foods that will keep you and your employees the energy they need to power into the rest of their day!

NOW. Imagine quite the opposite scenario out of the office- you’re hosting a party for all of your best friends to celebrate your birthday. Give them something to be excited about and provide them with the best of the best! You can guarantee people will keep coming back when you’re serving up a meal that truly satisfies.