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Dallas Prep Kitchen Inspired School Lunch Ideas: Healthy Kid Lunches to Keep Everyone Happy!

Back to school! This means a variety of things, one of which is PACKING LUNCHES! Just when you had your own meal prep figured out…. now its time to help out the kiddos! Due to DPK’s basic in bulk strategy, you and your kids can share the same basics to make up your daily meals.

See below for our tried and true DPK lunchbox specialties!


Hot lunch! Leftover pasta with meat sauce, a salad an apple.

FEATURED ITEM: Whole Wheat Pasta, *option* sub green salad for Zucchini!

 Hot Lunch! Featuring DPK Whole Wheat Pasta

Quinoa salad, hard-boiled bacon eggs, fruit gummy.

FEATURED ITEM: Organic Quinoa

 Quinoa Salad with hard boiled eggs featuring DPK Organic Quinoa

Chicken salad with lettuce wraps, rosemary potatoes, plantain chips, carrots & hummus, coconut macron

FEATURED ITEMS: Chicken, Red Potatoes

Chicken Salad Wraps and Potatoes featuring DPK Chicken and Red Potatoes 

Whole wheat pasta, hummus/veggies, pistachios, cheese, and chocolate.

FEATURED ITEM: Whole Wheat Pasta

 Whole Wheat Pasta with Grapes and Nuts featuring DPK Whole Wheat Pasta




Feeling inspired??

Here are some DPK PRO TIPS for school lunch ideas (and your own meal prep😜)

Pack your lunches the night before. Mornings can often be a very rushed time, especially if you’re responsible for getting little people out the door! When the lunches are done at night, you can use your morning for a morning walk or workout, win win!

Buddy up with a friend or neighbor. Have a friend whose kids seem to always have the coolest lunches? Hit ‘em up! Find a friend who is also committed to packing healthy lunches and share school lunch ideas regularly. Or better yet, buddy up with a neighbor and swap bulk food items to take some of the burden off of each of you! For example, she could make a big batch of healthy muffins and you could make extra rice & pasta (or you know, just add it to your order) then swap portions to each other to help round out your lunches.

Taste the rainbow. To ensure that your kids are getting a wide-spectrum of nutrients, try to bring lots of color into their lunches. Not only is it visually appealing but it provides a rich diversity of phytonutrients and other vitamins and minerals. We offer a wide range of vegetables, but throwing more color and fruit into kids lunches is highly encouraged!