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Commitment and The DPK Challenge

Commitment and The DPK Challenge

Events. Relationships. Diets. Sometimes, its just really hard to commit to things!

When starting a ‘diet,’ people are often full of A) excitement and hopes that this will finally be “the thing” that changes their body for the better, or B) misery because they have lost hope that anything could work for them, OR they know how dreadful the next few weeks will be.

At DPK, we don’t believe that just ONE thing can magically change your body, and we know how you eat should not lead you to feeling miserable.

So why is it that people cannot commit to these ‘diets’ they set out on?


That is the single most detrimental component of any diet program.

Much of the time, a person who decides to diet takes it too far too soon, not eating any of their favorite foods, not eating enough, and not enjoying their life. This ultimately leads to them revolting agains’t their set diet plan, going off to deep end indulging in all of their favorite foods, and then having the sinking feeling of being right back where they started… or even worse!

At DPK, we preach sustainability! We give you the tools to create a healthy, but more importantly, SATISFYING nutrition plan. When you enjoy the food you eat, and its delivered right to your door, chances of your succeeding are MUCH higher, and that is what we want to see— you succeed. Whether that be with your fitness, career, or family, we want you to be at your absolute best, with our food there to fuel you.

With that being said, we have our first DPK Transformation JUST AHEAD!!

Here are a few details, more to come!

90 days

Contenders must order at $75+ food from DPK per week to remain eligible

Before and after pictures required 

Cash prize of $750 for the biggest transformation!

Cash prize of $250 for the runner up!


This challenge is 90 days and will run right into Halloween, getting you ready for the holiday season.

We cannot WAIT to see all of you crush it, let’s do this!