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Cookie Butter Cheesecake Protein Donuts

Desserts that keep you on track!

We've partnered with Dough'd Up low sugar bakery  to satisfy your sweet cravings!

High Protein  |  Great Macros

These fresh made Cookie Butter protein donut "cakes" are the perfect sweet treat! Soft and decadent, each bites melts in your mouth. The texture is almost fluffy and cake like with cookie butter, cream cheese and notes of cinnamon! Delicious taste, without the guilt! 

Includes 2 Donuts per container. Serving size:  1 Donut Cake 

Nutrition Facts: per Dough'd Up Cookie Butter Cheesecake Protein Donut

Calories: 287 |  Protein: 10g Carbs: 26g | Fat: 15g |  Fiber 3g  | Sugar: 6g

Ingredientsgluten free oats, oat milk, apples, whey protein, coconut oil, cookie butter, cream cheese, cinnamon, stevia, natural vanilla, baking powder, sea salt


Low Carb Pescatarian Shellfish Free