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Year One of DPK In the Books - Thank YOU to our Customers and Supporters!

Year One of DPK In the Books - Thank YOU to our Customers and Supporters!

About one year ago today, the first of many DPK steaks were being seasoned as orders started rolling in. What started off as an idea to bring clean, healthy bulk food to the masses has turned into something much greater than we could have imagined 12 months ago. Not only do we get to see the IMPACT our service has on the lives of so many, we see a community of like minded people coming together enjoying the DPK way. Less time in the kitchen, more moments to remember, and ALL the fantastic flavors. 


From the beginning, it has always been about YOU, the customer! And there is no one we need to thank more for our impressive growth over the last 12 months. Together, we have:

  • Grown 20-50% each month
  • Locked down 20+ pick up sites and partnership locations (including branching out to Fort Worth)
  • Hired an on-site nutritionist to better serve our customers
  • Changed how people look at meal prep

What once was a term filled with ideals of dry chicken, blan broccoli, and hours in the kitchen can now be replaced with thoughts of quality, gourmet, and ease. We don’t think eating healthy should be a chore, too expensive, or take up so much of your time when you’re trying to succeed in other areas of your life. 

With the big year one under our belt, “what is next?” you might ask. Our theme for 2019 is QUALITY.

Top of the line food, always 

  • At DPK, we never settle. We constantly strive to find the best quality meats, vegetable, and carbohydrate sources.

Fitness Challenges

  • More opportunities for our customers to unite as a community and challenge themselves along the way? You bet!

Corporate food events

  • Expanding our reach and bringing our food to a bigger stage

More pick up locations and partnerships

  • The easier we can make picking up your food, the better! 

More affordable shipping rates

  • We want to take the ease of meal prep the NEXT LEVEL. Delivered straight to people’s door steps all around the nation.

Expand the menu

  • Chicken, steak, ahi tuna, oh my! And we’re not done yet ;) 


2018 was just our warm up, here’s to crushing it in 2019!


Kyle Clark & Nick Corso