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OWN The Hours of Your Day; Don't Let Them Own You

It seems like everyone you talk to is wishing for more hours in the day— and while we can’t necessarily make that happen, we CAN provide you with some of our favorite schedule hacks to make the most of your day!

1. Access how you are currently spending your time

    We live in the age of distraction— while certain things found online can be helpful (like this blog ;)) not all content we consume on a daily basis is pushing us in the right direction. Think; how much time are you spending watching Netflix, browsing social media, grocery shopping, convincing yourself to go to the gym, time at the gym, stuck in traffic, the list goes on.

    For three days, take a detailed account of your schedule hour by hour. Identify which activities can be shortened or eliminated from your schedule and where can you be more efficient. More tips below!


    2. Optimize your sleep and wake up early

    You want more hours in the day? Give yourself more hours in the day! In order to wake up early and still feel energized, it is important to optimize your sleep. But tha, you should find the perfect time you should go to bed each night, and discover the ideal time you should wake up in the morning in order to maximize your overall health.

    To do this, try to hit sleep cycles, each of which lasts 90 minutes.

    It would look something like this 1.5 hours > 3 hours > 4.5 hours > 6 hours > 7.5

    This explains why you might feel better after 6 hours of sleep after 7 hours of sleep, the difference lies in the sleep cycle!


    3. Set goals

    Slaying your schedule doesn’t happen by accident, you have to be smart about how you distribute your resources! Allocate how you spend your time so that they line up with your long-term goals.

    Keep it simple. Focus on where you want to be one year from now and set 3-5 main goals for the areas of your life you label as most important. Make your goals specific, and write them out as if you have already achieved them. This makes that thing feel more attainable, and apart of your brain thinks it is already yours!


    4. Delegate, eliminate, and automate

    It is human nature to want to be in control. Even if you can, you don’t have to.

    Out of all the activities that you tracked in point one, look at the ones that are not your HIGH leverage activities. For example, grocery shopping and cooking is very necessary, but does not absolutely need to be done by you (that is where we come in). Amazon will deliver household items straight to your door, maybe even faster than your schedule would allow you to get to the grocery store, and services like StitchFix will deliver new outfits to your door on a monthly basis! A trip to the grocery store for food, Target for household items, driving there and back, preparing the food, and cleaning up the kitchen, that will take right around 3-4 hours! Free up that time on your schedule and put it towards those high leveraged activities!


    5. Increase efficiency

    At work, at the gym, there are all sorts of instances where we can be more efficient.


    Example 1: Block time for individual activities.

    8:00-9:00am answer emails

    9:00-11:00am- Project A

    11:00am-12:00pm- Connect with team on Project A

    12:00pm-1:00pm- Lunch

    1:00pm-3:00pm; Project B

    And so on…


    Example 2: Time your rest periods in the gym

    You know you’ve done it. It is the time between your 3rd and 4th set of squats, and all of a sudden your 2 years deep in a crush’s Instagram feed and 5 minutes behind…this ads up! Use a stop watch or the clock function to time your rest periods. This will not only keep your workouts moving along, but give you a better workout overall in a shorter period of time! It’s a win win.


    Building these habits is more than one quick fix, but they also aren’t too challenging either. Time is one thing you can never get back, and we are here doing our best to make sure you are using your time efficiently and becoming better each day!