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New Meal Options From Dallas Prep Kitchen

We’re expanding! We are constantly looking for ways to redefine what it means to meal prep, and now we’re making it easier than ever before to fuel your best you.

In addition to our Basics in Bulk Concept, we have recently release Prepped Meals and Customized Meals! So now you’re wondering.. what’s the difference and what is best for me??

Why Choose Basics in Bulk?

Our flagship offering, Basics in Bulk, is great for mixing and matching to create your own customized meals throughout the week based on your needs, rather than having to make your meal decisions when you order. This option is perfect for couples or families who are looking for multiple portions already cooked, ready to eat, or ready to mix into a DPK Creation! Basics in Bulk is where you get the most bang for your buck, boasting the lowest cost per oz. out of all our prep options.

Why Choose Prepped Meals?

NEW! DPK Prepped Meals are for those looking to save time. Portioned out to your liking, you can grab and go when you are hustling from point A to point B and aren’t willing to sacrifice a healthy, nutritious meal. This option is also advantageous to those who aren’t sharing their food, and maybe have a tough time finishing the bulk portions while keeping variety in their selections.

Why Choose Customized Meals?

NEW! Prepping for a competition and have extremely specific nutrition guidelines? Always looking for more protein than what comes in our Prepped Meals? Our Customized meals include all the benefits of our Prepped Meals with the added perk of specifying exact macros, being able to mix and match our protein and side options as you please.

Still undecided? Need a visual? We got you 😉


Dallas Prep Kitchen Meal Options