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CONQUER The Holiday Season with DPK!

CONQUER The Holiday Season with DPK!

As we sit in the aftermath of Halloween surrounded by sugary temptations, we know this is just the beginning! In the months to come, though filled with many wonderful things like family, friends, and spreading holiday cheer, sometimes our health can get pushed to the side.

There are more parties, more events, and more opportunities to eat 10x the amount of cookies than you would on a normal Tuesday ;)

We would never advise you completely avoid these celebrations, they are all a part of life and celebrating the season.

However, there ARE ways to stay on track through the holiday season.


You know the drill, when you’re exercising, you are likely making better choices in the kitchen. Schedule these workouts by signing up for a group fitness class, training with a partner, or adding to your calendar as a PRIORITY so you are accountable for getting in these sweat sessions.


Going to a party and unsure of what they will be serving? Sometimes you never know… full course steak dinner or holiday punch and cookies. We advise having a small meal beforehand, so in the event that there is not a substantial meal provided, you aren’t forced to consume heavy amounts of sugar just to fight off those hunger pangs.


Things went all wrong. One cookie turned to seven, and three glasses of egg nog later you find yourself wondering where your plan to enjoy things in “moderation” slipped up. The best thing to do is to get back to your routine the next day and try not to let regret creep in. Get back in your swing of things and your body will bounce back faster than you think.


You knew it was coming ;) You’re short on time, and spending hours prepping your meals isn’t exactly in the cards. Save time and gain flavor by ordering your favorite proteins, veggies, and carbs to stay FLOURISHING though the holidays!