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5 Ways to WIN the Summer

Things are HEATING UP and summer is right around the corner! You know we’ve always got your back with serving up the best pre-prepared meals in the business, and now we’re coming at you with more ways to stay fit all summer long.

1. Create a lifestyle, not a diet

Instead of constantly trying out the newest fad diet, make eating healthy a part of your lifestyle! You know that to perform at your best, you need to eat your best. While many agree on the 80/20 nutrition approach, it ultimately comes down to listening to your body— what makes you feel good while also keeping you energized throughout the day? Are you winning the day or hanging by the sidelines? What keeps you feeling AND looking good?


2. Find a way to enjoy exercise

If the thought of the gym makes you cringe, and once you actually make it there you’re hating it even more, it’s time to find a different way to get moving.

Think of the most fit people you know, they likely aren’t miserable each and every time they a sweat in! While it might be true they have off days here and there, they usually will push through and decide to get moving rather than sit on the couch.

If you dislike exercise, the problem just might be with your workout, not you! Everyone has their thing, and you just have to find it. Weight lifting, HIIT, yoga, team sports, whatever! Find something you like and look forward to that time investing in yourself!


3. Make your health and fitness a priority

Easier said than done, we know! You’ve heard the expression, instead of saying you don’t have time— say “that is not a priority,” and see how it feels! So, where do you start? First, always have your home filled with “clean” food. Keep options healthy, filling, and satisfying. Second, plan your workout sessions like you would plan an important meeting with your boss or good friend. Create a schedule, a meal plan, and stick to it! Really don't know where to start? Ask for help! Hire a personal trainer, a nutrition coach, find group fitness classes, or invite your friends to commit to your new lifestyle journey with you!


4. Expect that you won’t be 100%, 100% of the time

Yes, there are people and instances where people DO need to be at their absolute best for a competition or event, but for an overall healthy lifestyle, most of us will need to indulge in foods that aren’t marked “healthy” here and there. Give yourself the liberty to enjoy your favorites and not allow guilt to overcome you. This will benefit you in the long run, and never have you feeling bitter about your diet so much that you fall off the wagon one day, go crazy, and binge on all the things you feel you’re “missing out” on! You CAN have your cake and eat it too, just don’t let it become too frequent of a habit or you’ll end up losing all that hard work you put in during your workouts.



Sleep, often overlooked, plays a huge role in a healthy lifestyle. Not only does this rest help you feel awake and alert throughout the day, it aids in regulating your metabolism, muscle repair, and boosts your performance in the gym!

Studies have shown that each person requires a different amount of sleep in order to function optimally, but a general rule of thumb is 7-8 hours a night! You’ll feel rested, be healthier, and happier overall!


So there you have it, 5 sure fire ways to keep your health and fitness in check this summer!