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10 Healthy Eating Challenges and How to Conquer Them

10 Healthy Eating Challenges and How to Conquer Them

Life is busy, and summer “vacation” somehow feels like the craziest time of the year AND the time of the year where we want to look and feel our best.

Dallas Prep Kitchen was created from Owner and Co-Founder Kyle Clark ordering different proteins from restaurant in bulk. While it wasn’t the most cost effecient, it was a HUGE time saver and his food always tasted amazing. This not only made contest prep easier, but LIFE.

However, if the only thing making healthy eating tough was time, we all would be able to figure if out. But there are many reasons eating healthy can be a challenge. Today, we list and combat all of your healthy eating challenges.

1. I don’t have enough time

You’ve heard the saying, “you make time for what you care about.” As if you needed any reminding, this is the only body you’ve got! If you set aside time at the beginning of week to meal plan and do a bit of prep, you will save a ton of time!

In addition to our bilk and prepackaged meals, one of our favorite breakfast go-to’s are smoothies. Did you know you can prep these ahead as well? We like to fill little baggies full of frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, and spinach so when we’re pressed for time in the morning, we can avoid processed foods by quickly dumping the bag in the blender, adding a scoop of our favorite protein, spoon of nut butter, bland, and GO!

2. I don’t have enough money

Listen up, tutz. Eating healthy is going to save you a lot of cash on doctor’s visits later on in life. In addition to that, buying your own food ahead of time and prepping for the week is going to save you a lot of money as opposed to eating out! It may not seem like it at checkout, but meals out, snacks, and buying additional even more food because your little deli salad didn’t fill you up for the day… it adds up!

3. I don’t have the motivation for an overhaul

We all have the desire to be healthier, and our own reasons to do so. If you didn’t, chances are you wouldn’t be reading this! Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, etc. It goes deeper than that, and it takes a little one to one time to really figure out WHY you want these things. Focus on your why, and let that motivate you day in and day out.

What will your life feel like if you achieve your goal? What will it look like if you DON’T?? They secret sauce here is consistency. Set those small goals and implement healthy daily habits to get to where you want to be.

4. It feels hard to be healthy and maintain a social life. (Most social gatherings involve eating out or drinking and I don’t want to be a dud.)

#FACTS. There is always going to be something on your calendar that is going to make this whole “eating healthy” thing tough. Want to hear something great though? All of your progress won’t disappear with one drink, with a serving of chips. The key is to make a plan! How many drinks do you want to have that night? What on the menu is going to be the best choice?

5. I really love food

Same, otherwise we wouldn't be in this business. I’m going to share a secret with you… MOST PEOPLE LOVE FOOD. It is our fuel, our survival, and 100% not an excuse to avoid eating healthy.

You love flavors. You love feeling satisfied. If you don’t feel like your cooking skills yield either of these, you can: take up a new hobby! Learn how to cook healthy dishes that TASTE GOOD (it is possible). You can also order from Dallas Prep Kitchen, our gourmet food will leave you feeling satisfied and looking forward to the flavors of your next meal!

6. I have trouble avoiding unhealthy snacks around the office

We’re going to keep this one short. First, make sure you are fueling yourself correctly so you don’t feel hungry when these snacks roll around (its easy to avoid a donut when you have gourmet steak waiting for you at lunch ;)). Second, drink that water!! A lot of times, our body confuses thirst for hunger pangs. Drink enough water, and you’ll see your appetite and cravings feel more in check!

7. I travel a lot—things expire and I don’t have the luxury of packing snacks

If you’ve ever had your peanut butter taken away at the security checkpoint at the airport, you know what its like to feel out of hope, luck, and snacks to boot! So now what?? Check out the area surrounding where you are staying. Are there healthy food options nearby? A grocery store? If not, try not to stress! Keep your cortisol levels at pay and go with the flow, with the healthiest options possible!

8. I work long hours and am too exhausted to cook a healthy meal (or even think about working out)

Easy, order from Dallas Prep Kitchen.

But really! After a long day, more than anything your exhausted body is craving food dense in nutrients to bring it back to life.

Working out? Going to crush it at the gym at 9pm at night doesn’t always sound like the most enticing thing, and it isn’t your only option. Contrary to popular belief, getting your body moving can have a HUGE effect on your energy levels. If you know it’s going to be a long day- take a walk or two during the day, do a few air squats, whatever you can to get your blood flowing! Your mind and body will thank you later.

9. I want to start being “healthy” but I don’t know where to begin

In today’s state of the internet, information is available with just a few clicks. The problem is, there is SO much information the space becomes saturated, and its really though to know where to begin! Our tip? Start small. Focus on getting in meals comprised of real food. Avoiding the donut your coworker brings in every Friday. Swapping that sugar packed lemonade for a sugar-free Crystal Light. This journey is going to take time, but for a healthy mind, body, and soul, it is all worth it.

10. I’m addicted to sugar and wine

You are not alone here! Sugar and wine have a special place in our hearts, especially when its winding down after a long day and you need like little kick to make you feel better and you prepare your body for some much needed rest.

Much of the time, we reach for these things because they are helping us combat something else. One of the most popular? Stress and anxiety. While that wine or sweet treat may make your feel good in the moment, how about replacing this with a good-for-you activity? Taking a long bath, calling up a friend, etc. We aren’t saying NO to wine or NO to sweets, but understanding why you are indulging in these things is extremely helpful when it comes to updating your habits! Learn your triggers, and take control of your life.